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Barrisol Ryan has worked with the Barrisol brand for over 15 years. Our dedicated in house designers and certified installers allow for efficient Barrisol installation and maintenance, rapid 3D printing, prototyping fabrications and lighting supply and installation. Our factory allows for custom fabrication of framing (extruded locally) and stretching Barrisol membrane (manufactured in France) with in a 3-4 week lead time after site measure.

We assist clients not only on design development and documentation but provides specifications for fabrication, drawing detailing, rapid quotations, site surveys, architectural metal work and delivery of finished goods.

We consult, design, develop and document all custom projects through 2D and 3D design software. Custom fabrications are executed in all materials incl. Barrisol, timber, acrylic, steel and aluminium.

Barrisol Installation

Our in-house French certified and trained Barrisol installers are able to install efficiently and rapidly once design sign off, adapting to client needs and project scale. Barrisol installations can also be removed for maintenance later if necessary.

The Barrisol installation is in one continuous operation whereby there is a free and clear access to the whole floor area below the installation whereby the Barrisol membrane is stretched onto specified tracking.

Barrisol Ryan extrudes locally its own profiles, all Barrisol membranes are made to measure and generally take 3 weeks to be produced in France from measure of our installed tracking.

Note, Barrisol install must be carried out in a clean and dust free environment, preferably after floor finished are laid and ideally once all other construction has been accomplished to avoid damage to Barrisol membrane.