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Barrisol Clim provides unparalleled comfort, whether heating or cooling your home, with no noise or draughts.

This track system has a unique and patented design which allows the transfer of air between the plenum and the rest of the room.

Barrisol Clim delivers consistent wall temperatures, and occupants are enveloped by a gentle sensation of cool or warmth thanks to the way in which the natural air flow and the large heat exchanging ceiling surface work together.

The ceiling’s heat-exchanging properties give the system incredible reactivity. In addition, Barrisol Clim is environmentally-friendly, using 5-10% less energy than standard air conditioning.

The acoustic version, Clim Acoustics, optimises acoustics in public places as well as residential spaces through the use of micro-perforations. Clim Acoustics Light offers the option to incorporate a translucent Barrisol® membrane, meaning that a backlit effect can be achieved by using LED lighting behind the membrane.