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Barrisol responds to the construction industry’s need for products that offer high quality, adaptability, high performance, creativity and enhanced security with its Barrisol Acoustics® range.

The Barrisol Acoustics® line of sheeting significantly improves the acoustics of enclosed spaces. This range is designed to partially absorb and partially reflect sound waves. Relying on the concept of micro-perforations, Barrisol sheets are attractive, functional, easy to install and easy to clean.




Barrisol has a range of 10 perforated membranes – such as Mediperf®, Mezzoperf® and Maxiperf® – which have acoustic properties similar to our micro-perforated Barrisol Acoustics® sheets. Although the perforations in this range are larger than those in the Barrisol Acoustics® range, these membranes have excellent acoustic properties. With their unique appearance, the perforated membranes have a wide range of applications.

When used in conjunction with a sound insulator (placed behind the sheet), Barrisol’s perforated sheets provide superior acoustics and help ensure an aesthetic and functional result.

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