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With its unique elastic properties, Barrisol lends itself well to the creation of complex yet sympathetic curved and out-of-plane shapes. Church ceilings are usually high, and therefore difficult to work on and maintain. Barrisol ceilings can be adapted to suit any space and represent an aesthetically appealing way to cover existing ceilings according to the overall architecture of the space.
Highly interchangeable, the Barrisol can be easily and quickly removed and reinstalled to gain access to any serviced in the area  above without affecting the integrity of the membrane race.
In addition, Barrisol’s Acoustics line offers excellent sound absorption, improving the acoustics in church spaces, which can be crowded and -at times- excessively noisy.

Mandir Temple Barrisol Stretch Ceilings

Church Stretch Ceiling Project by Barrisol

Church Stretch Ceiling Project by Barrisol

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